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Located in Spring Lake servicing Dunn and surrounding areas

About Us

Total Package Self Sustainment is a disabled veteran owned non-profit organization that operates on a small area of land located in northern Cumberland County, North Carolina. Total Package Self Sustainment was an extension of C. R. Connelly Farms, LLC. C. R. Connelly Farms was established to grow food hydroponically, and to promote alternative and non-conventional means of farming and growing fruits and herbs used for medicinal purposes. We started exploring and looking into ways of storing and preserving the food we grew. After extensive research in this area, we looked further into the various components associated with extended food preservation and the various elements involving self-sustainability. The idea of self-sustainability gained traction as we witnessed rising cost, social unrest and a variety of indicators that questioned whether our conventional sources of supply would be challenged. In 2020 we made a business decision to separate our farming initiatives from our self-sustainment interest and thus, Total Package Self Sustainment was created in September 2020 as a non-profit limited liability company.

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Our company is unique because we believe that our program is the only one in the nation that offers training in a classroom environment with some hands-on involvement and embraces a holistic approach to self-sustainment. We are not virtual; all classes and instruction are conducted by subject matter experts or instructors that qualify based on years of experience in a particular field. This program is designed for an individual, family, group, or community seeking to become knowledgeable of entry level self-sustainment. Our training program provides our clients with basic ground level self-sustainment techniques, methodologies, and practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. The information contained in our program has stood the test of time and can be verified.

As we move forward with our program, we place no limitations on potential clients. We totally support and embrace all demographics, ages, ethnicities, cultures, and people from all walks of life. We cater to anyone that has a desire to learn and become self-sustaining.

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